Take This Regret

Take This Regret  - A.L. Jackson I really liked this book up until the end. I understand Elizabeth being scared herself, but to not allow Christian to see their daughter especially with Lizzie becoming very sad, unhappy and not speaking. I honestly can't imagine doing that to my child and not caring. If she didn't want to see Christian then she could have had Christian pick up and drop off Lizzie at Natalie and Matthew's place instead. Elizabeth's actions made me ill, and it kind of ruined the entire book for me. I hate spending all that time reading a book, and getting so close to the end only to have the entire book ruined by an obnoxious, selfish female character. Once you have kids, it isn't about you anymore; it's about what's best for your child and clearly keeping Lizzie from her father was NOT best for her. Get over yourself for the sake of your daughter!