Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James This review is for the entire series. So let me start by saying that I really did want to like this series, my best friend talked me into reading it, and it wasn't awful, but I didn't think it was as great as apparently every other person on the planet does. The first book was the best for me by far. In books 2 and 3, I could not stand Ana. Yes Christian is controlling, yes he has all kinds of issues, but I saw him making an effort for Ana, and all I got from her was whining and nagging and immaturity and insecurity; so that by the time I got a quarter of the way through book 3, all I really wanted to do was strangle her and throw my kindle on to the ground and smash it into little pieces. Everything was about her and what she wanted and what he wasn't doing or giving her. Nothing about how hard he was trying and that he was talking to her and telling her things about his past and always having to push him when she shouldn't. And I don't understand why she couldn't let go of the dumbest little issues, but major issues like bathing Leila or not informing her of the increased security wiht his family and why were forgotten. She was just completely obnoxious, and I wonder why Christian stayed with her. Again, I know he had issues and was very controlling, but he had a very traumatic childhood including his relationship with Mrs. Robinson. Other than being young what is Ana's excuse?! At one point she mentioned always being rejected and something about her childhood, but she was taken care of by her step father even when he mother couldn't or wouldn't, and I didn't hear much about problems in her childhood other than trouble with her mom's third husband, but she lived with her step father then, so I don't understand her issue?! I am glad they got their HEA though, and I loved the extras that were from Christian's POV. I'd give books 2 & 3 2.5 stars and the first book 3 stars.