Cheating Chance

Cheating Chance - James Buchanan I started off really liking this book, but Brandon quickly irritated me. Flirting with and touching women when he's out with Nicky. Granted they were pretending Brandon was straight, but he still had no right to be touching a woman like that. And why did Brandon feel the need to pretend to that extent? They weren't out with Brandon's friends or co-workers, so why the need to flirt and touch the woman? It just didn't make sense. He did get better by the end, verbally flirting with no touching, but it wasn't enough to make me like him. And while I liked Nicky for the most part, why did he let Brandon get away with everything and why did he apologize to Brandon? After the way Brandon treated him and what he said in his VM, Nicky had every right to do whatever he wanted, and it really irked me that Nicky kept trying to call him and leaving messages and sending emails and trying to IM Brandon. Nicky is the reason I don't read as many MF books anymore. Why do you continually call, IM, email, etc. a guy who told you to get lost or who doesn't treat you right? It just makes you look weak and desperate. And please stop taking the guy back just because he apologized. He should have to earn it. The fact that Nicky apologized to Brandon just made all of that worse.