Absolutely Eric

Absolutely Eric - Erica Pike 3.5 stars. I loved Alex turning the tables on Eric and making him frazzled and clumsy. This book had some humor, and Alex and Eric were hot together. My only issue is that I couldn't stand Eric and Alex not talking about their assumptions. Eric pissed me off through half the book because he didn't seem to pick up on the fact that Alex and Terry weren't together anymore, and even though he was getting signals from Alex, he didn't just come out and ask him about his feelings. Eric claimed to be so straight-forward, but when it really mattered, he didn't say anything. And Alex, when he heard Eric on the phone with Jazz and just made his assumption without asking Eric when he didn't hear the entire conversation, just irritated me. With everything Eric had just been through, he handled that situation very poorly and hurt Eric, maybe worse than the physical hurt caused by Raphael.