That Boy

That Boy  - Jillian Dodd Overall a decent story, but it was a little long. There were parts where I kept thinking ok get on with it, move along. And JJ kinda bugged me too... there was a point in the story where she was talking to one of Phillip's girlfriends on the phone, and she mentioned this girl talks a lot and babbles, but I feel like JJ rambled on and on sometimes too (hence the story being a little long). But I did like that she was a tomboy and didn't apologize for it, but was proud of it (like me). My favorite part of the book was when she was upset that Phillip was playing football with Danny, and she had that little chat with her dad then went over and kicked Danny's a$$! That is totally something I would have done! The friendship between Danny, Phillip and JJ was great, and I'm glad they are still good friends, and that it wasn't turned into a love triangle. I don't think I could have finished the book if it had been.