Mine - Mary Calmes I liked this story; however, I was a little disappointed with the kidnapping, and who the actual kidnapper was and what he wanted. I am wondering if Connie has a thing for Trev, and that's why he sometimes can't stand to be around him?! With the way he acts towards Trev, I was wondering from the beginning about his feelings, esp. with Trev saying Connie just sometimes needed to breathe the same air as him, and that Connie watches he and Landry sleep; and, then when he had to leave at the end, it seemed like maybe he was upset watching Landry and Trev together because he wants Trev for himself?! Or maybe I'm just a little bit crazy like Landry. I did love that Landry seemed to get his crap together at the end, and that he surprised Trev when he mentioned he knew Trev was going to therapy just to get Landry to go. Never underestimate the crazy guy!