Laurel Heights

Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall *Re-read 10/12/14 for Re-romancing the Faves Challenge - I'm updating this one to 5 stars. I loved the tension between Scott and Will, and I even forgot who the psycho was, so it surprised me again.

*Originally read in March 2012 - I loved all of the characters in this book except Jay of course, and I am so glad that it wasn't Marcus who was abusing Todd, because like Scott and Will, I really did like him. I hope this author continues this story since she left a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this one. I'd love for the rest of the guys to get their own stories, and I'd love for Erik to get a new man and a HEA.

As for Scott and Will, I loved that they were both completely blind to the other being gay and also wanting him. I just wanted to sit them both down and say hello idiots... please just admit you want each other... why else would you both be acting so nuts?!