Chase in Shadow

Chase in Shadow  - Amy Lane I absolutely loved this book. My heart broke for Tommy but also for Chase. I know he was kind of an a-hole, but I can't even begin to imagine how messed up I'd be if I was young and walked in on a parent who had killed themselves, only to have the other parent yell and blame me and call me names, so I do have to cut him a bit of a break. At least he realized that it wasn't worth dying over and came out of the closet to be with Tommy even though he knew it was going to be rough. (So glad to see Doc from Talker again!) I think in real life most people wouldn't have the guts to keep living and come out, so I think Chase was totally brave for what he did.

I've heard that there will be another book in this series, and I don't know if it'll be a follow-up for Tommy and Chase or if it will be about some of the other guys, but I would LOVE to see all of the guys get their own story. I grew to love all of the Johnnies, and I would love for Dex to get a HEA, to figure out whether Kane is actually ac/dc, ac/ac or a little bit of both, and maybe see if he ends up with Chelle (Donnie's sister), and I especially want to see what happens with Ethan who was disowned by his family near the end of this one. He seemed like the fun, always happy, life of the party kind of guy from the little bit of his Johnnies' shoots we got to see, but at this end of this one we see that he gets disowned by his family, and he's actually kind of lonely, so I really hope he finds someone very special.