Stroke! - M.J. O'Shea I hadn't read M.J. O'Shea until somewhat recently, but she has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I don't think I have rated any of her books below a 4. This short story was so cute, and I had to laugh when Davis asked Owen if Asshole was Elijah's real middle name. I was so upset when Owen sent Elijah away, and I'm so glad he changed his mind and decided to give him a chance. Of course I figured out early on what was really happening, but Owen and Elijah were so cute, and I loved that Elijah actually had the guts to show up in Owen's room and tell him the truth. I didn't like that Elijah gave up on the 6th seat though, and Owen didn't stop him. Just because they were together didn't mean Elijah shouldn't have been able to compete against him for his seat... if Elijah was better than Owen should have sucked it up and practiced more or tried harder. I don't take it easy on my boyfriend when we play against each other whether it be sports or video games, etc. I'd feel worse knowing my boyfriend took it easy on me rather than just winning.