Whitetail Rock

Whitetail Rock - Anne Tenino After reading this, I definitely like The Fix more. I didn't realize there was a book before The Fix, so the story just seemed like it started in an odd place, and Jurgen seemed a bit crazy and needy. I love Jurgen and Nik, and I especially loved the part where Nik admitted he loves Jurgen, but Jurgen doesn't love him, and when Jurgen asked him how he knew, and Nik said because you didn't tell me, and Jurgen threw that back at him and said why do I have to say it first? That made me laugh. Nik seemed to expect Jurgen to make the first move for everything in this story, so I was glad he kinda threw that back at Nik at the end.

I love Sam, and I hope he gets a story, and maybe even Dave?!