Tooth & Nail (Warder Series, #2)

Tooth & Nail (Warder Series, #2) - Mary Calmes Read originally 12/6/11: I absolutely LOVE Dylan! He was funny and so adorable, and so tenacious, and so perfect for Mal. I love that even though he seemed so young and so small compared to Mal, he was not afraid of him like most other people, and I am glad that he kept pushing until he got what he wanted. Can't wait for their next story!

Re-read 1/11/14 for the MM Romance Group's Re-Romancing the Favorites Challenge. I still love this book, and Dylan is still the most adorable and funny twink ever. His sarcastic and bossy attitude is perfect for Mal, and I love how Mal went all soft but only with Dylan. They are one of my fave book couples!