Clark's Story (The Making of a Man)

Clark's Story (The Making of a Man) - Diane  Adams I was surprised how much I enjoyed this story. I was disappointed to learn that the 4th book was going to feature Clark and Stevie because I so love Jared and Alex; however, this story was as great as the rest. I cried with Clark, and I wanted to yell at Stevie along with Alex, and I was so happy that Jared actually told her how it was instead of sugar coating it for her trying to protect her. I thought he would stick up for her and say something to Alex about being inappropriate after everything she had been through, but I totally agree that she was very self absorbed. I get that what her mother put her through her entire childhood esp. almost beating her to death at the end was awful, but it most definitely did not give her the right to use people and treat them however she wanted. I was very upset with her using Clark and keeping him around because she wanted him to love her forever, but she didn't want to admit her issues and be with him. Someone needed to tell her that she wasn't the only one hurting because of what her mother did to her, and that she couldn't keep hurting Clark by playing games and doing just enough to keep him hanging on but never giving him what he wanted or needed. You gotta love Jared.