Nothing Ever Happens

Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown Re-read March 2014 for the Re-Romancing the Faves Challenge. I still love this angsty story, but I thought the beginning was a little weird. I didn't really notice this the first time I read it, but I have noticed this in my multiple re-reads: why was Stephanie made out to be a bitch at the beginning? The way Andrew describer/thought about her, she came across as a bitch who didn't let him do anything and trapped him in their marriage, but she quickly becomes a very understanding and supportive wife/ex-wife. Just kind of odd.

Read originally 9/1/2011: Still really like this book. I can't give it 5 stars because it's short, but it still feels like a complete story. It's a non-angsty, easy, hot read. What's not to like?!I truly felt for Andrew. I hate that Nathan and others seemed to blame him like he was trying to seduce Nathan, but I don't think he did anything wrong other than the obvious of messing around with a married man. He should have put his foot down WAY earlier and made Nathan choose, but I get he was in love, so he kept going back. I am glad that he stood up for himself when Nathan came to tell him Alex was pregnant. I truly hated Alex. I get that she loved Nathan, but she knew he wasn't in love with her anymore, so to sink to the level of faking a pregnancy is just disgusting to me. Have some self respect and leave! Even if she really was pregnant, that wasn't going to make him love her again all of a sudden... it just added another kid's life to get messed up by her parent's divorce. I like that the author mentioned that the daughter was having a tough time with splitting time between parents. I am not against divorce by any means, but all of the HEA stories tend to gloss over issues with kids, etc. I am happy that Andrew got his HEA, and I am happy that Steph and Joe and his son were there for him through everything. I thought at the beginning that Steph was going to be a spiteful b!tch, but she turned out to be very caring, and I liked her a lot. The only part that really threw me with this book was when Rich setup Andrew and Nathan, and Andrew said that they messed around with other people. Was just kind of random and seemed weird like it was thrown in to make them hooking up more plausible. I am glad that Rich was there for Andrew though, I definitely agree that Rich was what Andrew needed at the time.