Paris A to Z

Paris A to Z  - Marie Sexton I have to admit that I was a little worried about Zach in this book. I thought he would break down and actually kiss Jon, and I thought at one point Jon might actually allow him, and that things might go a little too far. I'm glad they didn't because I do love Jon with Cole. I still have my issues with Angelo and Zach, and I don't understand them wanting to get married. My favorite part of the book was when Cole and Matt were bantering back and forth, and Cole actually got up and sat in Matt's lap. I thought their whole bach and forth was hysterical, and I loved that Matt finally realized he had nothing to be jealous about. And I loved that Cole told him that he was rooting for him the whole time. Cole may seem self-absorbed and obnoxious, but he actually does love and care about his friends which just makes him all the more endearing.