The Letter Z

The Letter Z  - Marie Sexton I loved Matt and Jared, and I was afraid when I started reading A to Z that I wouldn't like Angelo and Zach as much; however, I may have liked them better by the end. But this book may have changed my mind again. I just can't comprehend letting someone you love just go off to have sex with someone else. Even though whatever was between Angelo and Cole was over as soon as they finished, I couldn't imagine being as calm as Zach when he came back out to the party, and I certainly can't imagine taking him home and having sex with him right after or kissing him after what he had done. And then to send Angelo off to the dance floor and let people kiss and grope him but tell him he can't have sex with them only to drag him off the dance floor to have sex with him yoursef?! To each his own I guess, but I don't understand their relationship at all. And I have to say that I agree with Jared's rant towards the end... I feel like Zach does allow Angelo to go off with other people because he feels like he has to in order to keep Angelo. I don't honestly feel like Zach is really ok with this even if he does say so himself, and even if he does actually go off on Jared and stand up for Angelo. It just doesn't make sense that two people who are so afraid of losing the other and still aren't sure about their relationship would want to allow one of them to have sex with other people?! If Zach really is the best thing to ever happen to Angelo, and the only person he's ever loved, why would he want to sleep with Cole or mess around with people on the dance floor even if he thought Zach was ok with it?!