Let's Dish

Let's Dish - Catherine Wade I feel like I just kept waiting for something to happen in this book but nothing ever did. And I just didn't get this book at all. I know Kevin and Maggie had worked together for years for school, but for him to just randomly shout that he loves her felt weird to me, and she was just such a b!tch to everyone that I just couldn't like her. I think Kevin should have moved on long ago. I get that maybe he went about telling Maggie about her hubby the wrong way, or maybe he should have left her to figure it out for herself, but she was absolutely horrible to him; and, even after deciding many times that she was tired of being so awful to him, she kept on fighting with him anyway. And she was so mean to her ex-husband too. I am sure it's weird, and I'm sure I'd feel awful if my boyfriend decided he wanted to dress in women's clothes, but he did love her. Even when she shows up in Atlantic City he's nice to her and tells her that he misses her, but she's rude and snaps at him the entire time. I wouldn't want anything to do with her and her baby either if she treated me that way!