Jinxed - Inez Kelley I really enjoyed the comedy in this book, and I really wanted to like the book, but I found by the end of it that I just couldn't stand Frannie. I get that she was hurt by her ex-husband, but she was so seriously mean to Jinx esp. with the whole wedding disaster that I couldn't like her or the book. My favorite parts were the cats Hocus and Pocus esp. Hocus getting drunk and Pocus being narcoleptic although I did like Jinx. He was a little crazy with his spouting I love you when they just met, but overall he was such a decent, nice, caring guy that I couldn't imagine him staying with Frannie... with her attitude and pessimism, she would kill his optimism and fun! She definitely didn't deserve him!

I wish there was a book about Steve and Tracey though. They seem like they'd be a funny couple! I so wondered when she took him home if they would end up together, and I knew when she was acting strange afterwards telling Frannie that she should go for Jinx, but then wouldn't spill her story!