Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I couldn't stop myself from sobbing at the end of this story. I can't imagine at Lochan's age making such a difficult decision, and actually caring enough about anyone or anything to actually go through with that. I definitely had difficulty reading it at times, but in the end, I wanted Maya and Lochan to have some happiness. I am glad Maya signed a statement saying it was consensual even though that is what caused Lochan to feel he had no other choice than to commit suicide. They should have both admitted it was consensual and taken their punishment. I know they didn't want the kids to be taken away by social services, but Maya and Lochan are still children as well... what about their happiness?!

I wish they would have told the mother to mind her own business since she hadn't been a part of their family for so long, why does she get to come in and destroy everything?! And I was VERY shocked that Kit was the tattle tale.

I honestly can't imagine Lochan or Maya raising those kids alone. It's difficult enough at that young of an age to be acting as parents to younger siblings without having to do it alone.