Regularly Scheduled Life

Regularly Scheduled Life  - K.A. Mitchell Such a great book. I really felt for both main characters, and they both had flaws. I was angry with Sean because after the shooting, he realized how much he needed Kyle and Kyle's help, but he didn't want it and was always sniping at him when he tried to help, but he let Brandt do things for him, and he was always happy and smiling around him. If you've been together for 6 years, why not talk to Kyle about the issues you're having instead of flirting and letting some other guy take care of you?! And I don't think he even really said this to Kyle at the end, and I think it's something Kyle should have known. Kyle bugged me because he kept wanting to start over and for things to go back to how they were before the shooting, but even if Sean could forget about it, things would never be that same. And he wanted Sean to stop the publicity stuff... granted I understood where Kyle was coming from, but if it made Sean happy, why be pissy about it, and keep pushing him to stop. Just let him do his thing, and hopefully he'd get tired of it. Like Brandt said, people move on to other topics pretty quickly, so he would have become old news anyway. I was surprised that Brandt blew Sean off though... I mean like Kyle you knew he was in it for the money, but after the kiss in the cab and telling Sean if things changed to call him, I thought he would have shown up hoping to get together with him. I am glad; however, that Sean and Kyle got their happy ending!