Private Scandal

Private Scandal - Jenna Bayley-Burke I usually greatly enjoy this author's work, but this one was too long for me, and the ending was abrupt. I was irked by both the female and male lead of this book. She was very wishy-washy... I get that he was her first love, but if you really are that angry with him and upset cuz you thought he cheated on you then stop having sex with the guy and letting him take care of you. And I was very digruntled that Brandon expected her to apololgize to Gemma and Danny. Granted maybe an apology to Danny was necessary, but calling her childish and insecure... she saw the kiss, and then saw you enter your apt. with Gemma on her birthday. What would he have thought and felt had the shoe been on the other foot?! But Megan was a brat, and I can't understand why she kept talking about him taking over her father's company, but she never mentioned until nearly the end that she saw Brandon and Gemma kiss. What was she waiting for?! And he was pushing for them to come out about their relationship, and she was the one to keep refusing and wanting to keep it secret, so the kiss was just as much her fault because Gemma had no idea they were together! Also if you've been together 7 years and haven't told anyone or said I love you... something is wrong with your relationship!

I'm wondering if there is going to be a book for Gemma and Danny because even though she's marrying him to keep her money, you could tell from the beginning that he had a thing for her, so hopefully he'll be able to keep her from getting divorced after a year.