Rough, Raw, and Ready

Rough, Raw, and Ready  - Lorelei James I read this book before the first in the series where you find out Edgard and Trevor are together. I feel even worse for Chassie after reading the first book. In all honesty I didn't really feel anything between her and Edgard, and I feel like it is almost forced to make it seem like they'll all be happy together. I think Chassie should have stayed angry at Trevor longer, and I think she should have given him up and found her own happiness. After reading the first book, I don't see how I'm supposed to believe Trevor loves her and wants to stay with her esp. after what she saw and heard when Edgard confronted him and what Channing saw and heard Trevor confess. I was rather annoyed that Chassie listened to Channing and after a day was ready to head back and fight for her husband, and why was it ok for him to be with another man but not a woman?! And he admitted after they had sex and he seemed to be in space that he was thinking about Edgard... what kind of woman stays with a man who is thinking about someone else after they have sex?! I just think Chassie is very weak... I get that she was alone after he brother and father died, but I'd rather be alone than with a man who is in love with someone else!