Coming Clean

Coming Clean - Inez Kelley I was a little surprised at this story. It seemed like Vivi kept having second thoughts and worrying about Cade taking her husband Grant from her, but she never voiced her issues even after figuring out that they had messed around while she was not home. And Grant seemed a little shady to me... supposedly he really loved his wife, but he messed around with Cade while she was out, and he didn't talk to her about it, and he told Cade that Vivi gave him permission which I don't remember reading in the book. But in the end he seemed to be more interested in having sex with Cade than his wife. And Cade was supposed to be attracted to Vivi and Grant, and I think somewhere he said he loved them both, but he yelled out during his orgasm that he loved Grant. I guess in the end since Vivi was ok with everything, and they all ended up together then it shouldn't bother me, but I just felt like the ending was vague, and I am worried for Vivi even if she isn't worried herself.