The Stillburrow Crush

The Stillburrow Crush - Linda Kage Was a little long, and I was a little confused by the story. Luke kept throwing me off with his acting interested but then always having some other reason for talking to Carrie. I understand the whole in-crowd thing in high school, but then why bother with her at all?! And I really had no idea he was interested in her when he came up with his poetry as his excuse for talking to her. I was so upset for Carrie, but she drove me nuts too because she kept throwing his parents money in his face. And I'm glad Luke made her meet his parents, and she realized just because they had money didn't mean they would throw it in her face or treat her like crap like she shouldn't be with their son. And I did feel truly terrible for Carrie's brother for the way his gf treated him after he parents made her get an abortion. For her to chase after some other guy and not even speak to him was just awful esp. since he really did love her. Can't help but feel bad for the guy.