Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols OMG! I thought this book was going to be amazing! It started out ok, but by the time I got maybe half way through I had no idea what was going on, and all I wanted to do was punch Zoey in the face. Granted I know she couldn't remember what happened the night of her accident, but I figured out that Brandon had been cheating on her WAY before she did, and she kept leading Doug on only to keep telling him that she's dating Brandon except Brandon never bothered with her after her accident. If my boyfriend knew I was in an accident and didn't bother calling or coming by to check on me, and kept avoiding me I would NOT keep saying he's my boyfriend. And when she did actually talk to him, and he was acting all shady like he was hiding something, and she stayed with him and kept calling him baby... I just wanted to scream! Doug was so nice to her, and I am so glad that he stuck it out, but I am also glad that he stood up for himself esp. when Zoey was trying to get him to have sex with her just because she couldn't remember it. And she was such a hypocrit for being mad at Doug for lying which he really wasn't lying, he was just not telling her everything; meanwhile, she's lying to everyone about her memory and her mom. I of course had to finish the book because I had to know how it ended, but it was the most excruciating few hours of my life to get through it to the end.