Corralled  - Lorelei James Great book. I thought the beginning was a little slow, and it was a little weird that neither of the three people in the relationship had ever had a threesome, but the two guys were quick to decide they were fine with it; although, it was nice for once for the men to show some jealousy since usually in this type of book everyone is just fine with sharing.

I was SO glad Lainie picked Hank... not really sure why I was just rooting for him from the beginning. I was afraid that she was going to pick Kyle though. I was a little upset that Kyle seemed to be getting more attention and sex with Lainie in the middle of the book. I understand that Hank had his night alone with her, but Kyle made it an all day thing which he said was because Hank had her for a full day, but he didn't because Lainie slept when they got to his house in Wyoming. So Kyle got an entire day and an entire night, plus he brought her flowers, and they had sex, and they had sex during the day she was supposedly spending with Hank. But I kept my fingers crossed that Lainie would still choose Hank, and I started thinking maybe she would when she would go to him alone, and talk about personal things she hadn't talked to anyone esle about, and I was hoping she wouldn't race to tell Kyle, which she didn't, so I thought Hank had hope. Then when Kyle put her in the bath tub, and they had their talk, I was so excited that he was giving her up, so that her and Hank could get together and be happy. Sadly it took them a little while longer, but they did end up together. I am hoping these two are discussed in the second book in this series since it's about a rancher from back home where Hank and Lainie will be living, and he's a friend of Hank's family. Can't wait to read the next book, and I hope that Kyle gets his own story in this series.