Texas Lady

Texas Lady - Sandy Sullivan I really liked this book. It kept me on my toes... I knew something was going on with Jeff, but I couldn't figure out why he would want to steal cattle from his neighbors as well as his own family. Thank god he wasn't actually in on the rustling. I was a little disturbed that he slept with Aubrey, and that it was just brushed aside, and I was surprised that Jeff and Liz were forced to marry by her brothers and mother rather than falling in love and him asking her to marry him. That was actually good because so many of these romance novels follow the same plot. Some people fall in love usually rather quickly, and then there is some sort of issue that arises, but they work it through and get married like a month after meeting and falling in love. I am glad that Jeff finally admitted his feelings for Liz because the whole back and forth of kissing her and wanting to be with her only to ignore her and go out with Aubrey and then to sleep with her. I wish he would have gotten busted for that even if he was thinking about Liz the whole time. And the whole love scene where Jeff took Liz's virginity... a little strange that she wasn't more afraid and she had no pain and no bleeding?!

I did think Liz was quite a brat in the beginning... why did she have any right to be mad at Jeff for kissing Aubrey? He never said anything about liking her or wanting to date her. But he was kind of cocky and obnoxious. I did find the book to be a bit long, but overall it was good... I will definitely be reading more books by Sandy Sullivan.