Wild Rodeo Nights (Wilder Series 2)

Wild Rodeo Nights (Wilder Series 2) - Sandy Sullivan I really enjoyed this book. You could really feel the characters emotions, and you so knew that Carrie and Cole loved each other it was just obnoxious that neither would say it! I did get annoyed with Cole and Carrie trying to push each other away instead of just telling each other how they really feel, but it all turned out ok. I couldn't believe Carrie's nerve to yell at Cole's mother in the hospital waiting room in front of the entire family. Even if the woman did cheat with her father, she had no right to have that discussion in front of Cole's siblings and his father. She should have pulled the mother aside to have the discussion, and I was glad she was put in her place by Cole's mother! I was really mad at Cole's brother Justin too for wanting to be with Carrie and instigating in Cole's hospital room... how could you do that to your brother especially when he's just found out he may never walk again?!