Second Chances

Second Chances - Lauren Dane I am not usually into the BDSM books, but it was a great read, and the BDSM wasn't a major part of the story. I couldn't put the book down, and I absolutely could not stop bawling when Zach died. I am kind of surprised at how quickly Rori fell back in love with Jude although I guess it only seemed shorter than it was because the book kind of glances over the 6-8 months after Zach's death.

I love that Rori was strong enough to stand up to her mother and Jude. I was afraid after the first two times Jude was an a$$ that she would just be one of those wimpy women who always caved to the guy anyway, but as they say third times the charm, and she told him off, and she didn't run back to him! I loved Zach, and how he didn't screw around like Jude, and he just went after Rori. He was too adorable, and I was so distraught when he died. I did get a little annoyed with Rori at the hospital when she got hysterical, but I guess I can understand that considering she had been in a coma for two months only to wake up and find out her husband was dead. I would probably be hysterical too.

I did get scared when Jude told Rori he loved her at the engagement party esp. when he asked if her knowing would make a difference. I was afraid she would ditch Zach since she wanted Jude forever. I do admit that I ended up loving Jude as well, but in the beginning, I wanted to punch him out just like Zach did. lol But in the end, he was so understanding of her love for Zach, but he stuck around anyway and took care of her... how could you not love him?! Can't wait to see what happens in Believe between these two!