Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella - Karen  Erickson I would have gave this book a better rating had I not been annoyed with the main female character towards the end. I am so tired of reading these romance books where the women are wimpy and just keep throwing themselves at the men. Give the guy some space and freaking relax already.

In this book, Jenna and Brett fall in love quickly and unexpectedly. They are walking in a rain storm, and she shares her umbrella, and they fall into bed together. They sleep together for a few days, and she's out with her girlfriend and decides she's in love with him, and she absolutely HAS to see him because he's been working the last two days. So she shows up at his fire station and tries to give him oral sex in the fire engine he drives, and even though he wants to he tells her no because he doesn't want the guys to rush in and find one or both half naked. He wants to be respected at the station, and he wants her to be respected because she deserves it, and he wants his co-workers to get to know her because he is in love with her, and he wants to keep her around for a long time. So she gets huffy, and keeps pushing the issue which in turn makes him angry. She apologizes, but she still thinks he's angry, but while he's trying to tell her he's not mad, they get a call, so everyone rushes in. She backs into the corner to get out of the way, and just before driving off he tells her he'll call. Well he's too busy at the station to call, so he sends her texts between fighting fires and catching some sleep. She gets mad that he couldn't bother to call, so she doesn't text him back. She knows she's over-reacting, but she starts bawling in the lunchroom at work, only to have her best friend drag her to the bathroom and talk her into going to see him and tell him how she feels. Why couldn't she just leave him be for a few days while he was at work and talk to him later or let him come to her?! I mean if you are so distraught thinking this guy is mad at you and doesn't feel about you the way you feel about him... why can't you just let him cool off and definitely let him come to you?! I hate pathetic women who just can't stay away, and they come off as stalker-ish. Other than that it was a good story.