Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business  - Megan Hart, Lauren Dane This book was ok. I definitely liked Dix and Kate's story more than Leah and Brandon. Maybe Brandon was ok with Leah's treatment of him, but I thought she was a bitch, and it really annoyed me at the end after she just let him walk away only to see him at the grocery store with some other chick a few weeks, and she was all pleased with herself and lured him away. She was all mad at Mike for being a self-absorbed a-hole, but she was the same way. Granted Brandon could have walked away, and he didn't have to show up at her house at the end, but she really just irked me more than him. I totally get Dix and Kate's story because I live it myself. My boyfriend wasn't married to his baby mama, but he did for a long time used to run off to help her which made me angry. I get the needing to do things for your kid, but it isn't his responsibility that his ex can't do a damn thing for herself! I definitely felt bad for Kate because Dix just didn't seem to be getting it, and even once he did after speaking with his ex-wife, he didn't seem like he was actually going to do anything to change it. I think he just brushed it all off and changed the subject by talking about meeting up since they now live closer, and introducing her to his daughters, so she'd let the ex thing go.