So Far Gone

So Far Gone - Avril Ashton This book is hard for me to rate. I love angst, and I did enjoy the book, but it was hard to stomach the ending. I feel so badly for Eric because he gave up the love of his life for his brother, and while Cash and Jacob didn't actually do anything wrong when they initially slept together, hiding their feelings and lying to their significant others was not ok. And the fact that there wasn't really a resolution after the fight on Memorial Day and that poor Eric died while on the outs with both Cash and Jacob was so heart-breaking. I'm not saying it should have all been wrapped up in a pretty bow for everyone to get their HEA, but it would have been better had Cash and Jacob gotten to at least sit down and talk about it all with Eric, and if Eric would have had the chance to decide if he wanted to forgive and forget and let them be together or if he wanted nothing to do with them. And I do feel badly for Jacob having to make the decision of pulling the plug, esp considering the guilt he was feeling. That had to have been hard on him. It's like pulling the plug was giving him what he wanted: Cash. I just hate that they were together while Eric was dying and stayed together, readily moved in together, and it didn't seem to bother them as long as they were together. That was just messed up. And the sister Jaya being ok with it because she knew before anyone told her was weird too. So 3.5 stars.