Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch - Christina Lauren Chloe and Bennett are my favorite couple in this series, but Chloe annoyed me in this one with her having to stay an extra day for work and then not getting there til Monday, only to have something with the airlines to come up and she misses like an entire week of their 3 weeks vacation. People like this drive me batsh!t. My boyfriend is always in his own world, and we're late for everything because he never takes into account that there could be an accident or a traffic jam or road work or anything, so we're late for everything because it always has to be on his time and his way. If my boyfriend wanted to take me to a French Villa for 3 weeks, NOTHING would keep me from going, including my job! Sh!t happens people, so let go and live a little. Maybe I don't get it cuz I don't love my job, but even if I did, I can't imagine being happy killing myself for a job to make money, and honestly, being happy is really all that matters. Money doesn't mean anything.