Inevitable (Harmony series)

Inevitable (Harmony series) - Angela Graham This book was so close to being 5 stars, but it came at a bad time for me. I've been reading so many cliffhanger books lately that I'm really over it. Whatever happened to getting a full story in one book?! And maybe I should have known going into this one since it said book 1 of 2, but I was really hoping that book 2 would be Caleb and Hilary's book. That being said, it was a great story. I loved the humor (the pool scene), and I really felt the connection between not just Logan and Cassie but also Oliver and Cassie. The scene in the art room at Logan's where Oliver showed Cassie the picture of his mom and talked about her... heartbreaking! I am sad for how the book ended, but I am also glad that Cassie is sticking to her guns. I was afraid when she was happy to hear Logan's voice at the accident scene that she was just going to give in to him, but she remembered what he did/said to her and made him leave. It's so refreshing to read a strong female character!