Western Ties: Compass Brothers: Compass Brothers Series, Book 4

Western Ties: Compass Brothers: Compass Brothers Series, Book 4 - Mari Carr;Jayne Rylon I am actually surprised, pleasantly though because this was my favorite book in the series. I thought Seth would be my favorite, but I absolutely loved Sawyer and Leah. I was surprised that their relationship and the sex started so early in the book, but of course we had to get to the weddings, and JD's death and funeral in this one. OMG did I cry, but I laughed too esp. with Seth's speech at the funeral about JD telling him to only argue with his wife if he was right, but oh by the way... you'll never be right. I absolutely love this family esp. JD. He was always so understanding of his boys, and he gave great advice. I love when he kept telling Saw there is no think about it when it came to Leah. OMG and when they showed him and Vicky the tattoos, and when JD called for everyone to be in the room with him, and the last thing he did was look at Vivky then closed his eyes... how sweet that he still, after all those years, loved his wife that much?!

I would love a follow-up for all of the brothers and their wives and children as well as what happens with Vicky. She was a lot younger than JD, so does she ever find anyone else, or is she ok with it being her, and her boys and their families for the rest of her life?!