Northern Exposure (Compass Brothers)

Northern Exposure (Compass Brothers) - 'Mari Carr',  'Jayne Rylon' I needed more of the background story on the three main characters. You get a little glimpse of what happened to cause Silas to leave, but you don't get how everything came ot that point. Also I find it odd that Colby and Lucy each had insecurities that the other would only want Silas once he came home, but they never really talked about it, they just sort of brushed it under the rug and somehow as soon as Silas was back they started a "triad", and everything was fine. No one was uncertain of the others caring more about each other. I would have given this 3 stars at least had I gotten more background info on the three main characters, and maybe a bit more conflict, and the married couple actually talking about their insecurities together. Also, I maybe would have given Silas time to heal before jumping right into bed, and maybe make him work for it a little bit since he just up and ran away and didn't keep in touch for 10 years. That said, I cannot wait for the rest of the stories, and I'm hoping they get better as they go along. I assume Seth is next since he showed up at the end, and I have to hear how the situation with his boss's daughter turned out!