Stepbrother Billionaire - Colleen Masters

Maybe my expectations were too high for this one, but nothing about this book worked for me. The step-siblings supposedly hated each other, but once they actually spoke to each other... wait... for... it... they've loved the other one since they first saw them, but they just can't be together because their parents are together. They even plotted a way to be together before their parents' marriage, so that they wouldn't be siblings. Quite a few of the characters brought up incest and them being together but siblings being wrong. Ummmm... they are step-siblings. Not related by blood, so I'm not sure where the incest/sibling issue comes in?

The parents are a mess and end up anulling their marriage after a break up the day after their wedding. Seriously?! Step bro Emerson storms out never to be heard from again, or at least until fate brings them back together to work at the same company 8 years later. Of course, they get right back together, even though they haven't been in contact since their parents split up, but they've been pining away. Emerson is her boss at the new company, which gets them into trouble. I mean really... who's working at that company? A bunch of HS kids? They giggle, whisper, and say rude comments because the new girl and her boss are together?! Yes I know office gissip and people really do talk and wonder about things like this, but no one is rude to the people, and if it's really a problem, it gets brought to HR. And even the CE of the company is childish and obnoxious. No idea how he goes from Mr. Cool, call me Cooper, to a guy who won't even listen to their story. So she gets fired on her second day of work, but... shock of a lifetime... Emerson is a billionaire, so they just start their own company, make more billions and live HEA.