Eat, Knot, Love - Pandabomb

Derek's social skills, or should I say lack thereof, are so adorable.  I have issues with social skills myself and prefer not to talk all that much, so I completely understand his hesitation.  This one had everything I love in my Sterek fanfic.  Anti-social and possessive Derek, chatty/nerdy Stiles, courting/dating, and SMUT, which is obviously the most important part.  The hot flash-forwards were awesome, and Derek being cutesy calling Stiles Baby and Sweetheart just melted my heart.  I'm only taking off half a star because it was a little long.  I got to a point where I just kept thinking:  OK.  Get on with it already.  Admit you like each other and let the heat begin.  I think that's because of the flash-forwards.  They were really hot, but I think I needed a little more romance.